Mission Statement

Mission Statement

‘A journey into the Himalayas, a Journey into oneself’

It is our strong belief that a journey into the mountains is a journey to the inner self. Mountains help us to find alignment in our lives. At Swotah, we are happy to not only be discovering ourselves but also to help others do the same on their inner journey. We believe that to understand the grandeur of life, and to value the importance of what nature has to offer, one has to be in the mountains.  It is our commitment to keep this belief alive and bring awareness to others.  

Under project SWOTAH, we have undertaken the responsibility of inspiring people to be in the mountains and fulfilling their needs while they’re there. We are a team of travellers, and we believe that nobody understands a traveller better than another traveller. We're committed to delivering reliable, courteous, and customizable services with a keen eye on value. 

True adventure lies in knowing oneself and the true wisdom of the mountains can only be ingrained by being a part of it. This is what ‘Swotah’ is all about; exploring the wisdom in oneself from seeking the ageless wisdom of the mountains and nature. We know ourselves when we face the mountains. Immense masses of rocks that stand rooted in front of us; tall and strong and unyielding. Something magnanimous but unforgiving stretching along vast expanses. They tower above everything and reach heights beyond our comprehension. When confronted by those enormous structures that are above and beyond our wildest dreams, we finally stop.


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