Our Team Member

Temba Lama

Temba Lama

Inbound Officer

Age: 22 years

Temba is a great learner, writer and a travel enthusiast. He's studied extensively for years about tourism in Nepal. He's an authorized trekking guide. He believes in traveling. He's has already explored different corners of Nepal and he's still on the run. Everytime he is not in the office handling your enquiries with precision, it is easier to guess that he is on a mountain with one of our groups. He' strongly believes that the responsibility of any trekking guide is no less than that of an ambassador to that country. He represents the whole of a country while he's leading you through the mountains.

Not only he's a passionate traveler himself, but he's a reliable, assertive and friendliest guide you'll ever come across while in Nepal.   

He's keen on giving his clients once in a lifetime expereince. He's a great asset to Swotah. We value him greatly.


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