Buddhism Circuit-Nepal

Nepal, a small yet beloved country residing on the lap of Himalayas is home to many sacred places, one of them is Lumbini. Lumbini is a holy land where Lord Buddha was born. The light of Asia, Gautam Buddha was born as Siddhartha Gautam to the king of Sakya dynasty, the Kingdom of Kapilvastu. Despite the majority of Hindu people, Buddhism and Hinduism reside harmoniously in Nepal. There are ample of shrines dedicated to Buddha in Nepal making it one of the safe haven for Buddhism practices.

Swotah brings you a 10 day Buddhism tour that takes to you to different parts of Nepal where you can see the 1000 years old shrines dedicated to Buddha. Inside the Kathmandu valley, we will take you to 2000 years old stupa “Swayambhunath” also known as Monkey temple and world’s biggest stupa “Bouddhanath”. Outside the valley, you will pay a visit to Namobuddha that includes some hiking and to the beautiful city of Pokhara, where you can visit the World Peace Pagoda that lies above the tranquil, Fewa Lake in the hills. Nepal Buddhism tour will not only expose you to the religious shrine but also takes to naturally beautiful places and cultural heritage sites.
Trip Code: BC41
Starts: Kathmandu
Finishes: Pokhara
Duration: 10 Days
Difficulty: Easy
Group Size: 1 - 14
Age: Minimum 16
Seasons: Jan-Jun,Sep-Dec
Elevation: 1300m/ 4265.1ft
Trip Views: 736
Activities: Spiritual Journey Overland Tours
Trip popularity:
Travel Style: Budget Comfortablecheck Luxury
Special Discount: 5 %

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Breakfast: 9
Lunch: 2
Dinner: 1
Hotel: 9 Night(s)
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Trip Facts

  • About 10.74% of Nepal's population practice Buddhism.
  • Lumbini is the birthplace of Gautam Buddha that lies in the western part of Nepal.
  • Swyambhunath temple also known as Monkey temple is about 2000 years old.
  • Bouddhanath is the biggest Buddhist stupa in the world that is 1500 years old.

Why this Trip

  • This trip is the perfect combination of a tour to the religious places reflecting culture along with natural sightseeing. 10 days of Buddhism tour takes you to major Buddhist shrines of different parts of Nepal. In a sense, we can say this trip as a cultural tour as well since it includes many cultural heritage sites of Nepal.

speaker_notes Trip Notes

  • • We reserve the right to change and that the program may be reversed. Things can happen that make it impossible to meet them as planned. If any meeting or plan would not be feasible, we always try to find an equivalent alternative. In Nepal, you always have a plan B and C!
  • • What follows is a general flow of events. Expect the unexpected and prepare to be flexible




  • 1. Will somebody come to pick me up at the airport upon arrival ?
    Yes, our representative will be there to greet you at the airport. Upon arrival, you will be transferred to your hotel by a private car/jeep.
  • 2. Is there an Orientation program ?
    Yes, there is going to be a small orientation/briefing program before we embark on our adventure by the tour manager, leader/guide.
  • 3. What is the overnight accommodation like ?
    We use standard/superior, standard/deluxe rooms for the nights that you spend in hotel during your trip.
  • 4. How big are the groups ?
    We believe in operating small intimate group to provide personal attention and services to our guests. Small groups can enjoy the trek hassle free and enjoy the customized trip according to their will so we try to keep group as small as group of 14 but it can be increased with the special request of the clients.
  • 5. Can I go solo ?
    Nepal is a safe country for anyone who wants to explore on their own although professional guidance is highly recommended by our team for the safety.
  • 6. Why is this program popular among tourists ?
    This trip is the perfect combination of the religious tour with cultural and natural sightseeing. 10 days of Buddhism tour takes to the major Buddhist shrine on the different part of Nepal.In a sense we can say this trip as a cultural tour too since it includes many cultural and religious heritage sites of the world.
  • 7. What about security during tour ?
    We make sure to take security measures to make your trip delightful. We hire experienced and license holding guides to safeguard your life. We suggest you to follow the guide’s instruction carefully and take responsibility for personal belongings. Always keep your valued belongings near you and lock the door from inside during the night.
  • 8. What sort of food can I expect in this tour ?
    Since this tour is around the Kathmandu, Lumbini and Pokhara so you can get wide range of delicious western meals like Pasta, noodles, pizzas, bread, soup, MoMo etc.
  • 9. Is the drinking water safe in during tour ?
    There are plenty of water stations and mini markets and shops where you can easily get bottled water. We recommend that you bring water purifier tablets with you in case you need it for yourself. You have to buy it for yourself.
  • 10. What mode of transportation do you use ?
    We use private transportation for sightseeing inside the Kathmandu Valley and transfer to Pokhara on car, van and deluxe minibus with A/C depending on the size of the group. We do pick up and drop from starting point till the end.
  • 11. What is the best season for this trip ?
    Nepal Buddhism tour is done every season but February to June and October to December are the best time to perform this trip.
  • 12. Will I be taken care of during emergency ?
    Yes, of course. Your security is our first priority. In any kind of emergency, ask your guide to contact us immediately so that we can manage vehicle for you ASAP and you will be directly transfer to hospital for the treatment.
  • 13. What is appropriate dress for trip ?
    If you are travelling during weather then bring a jackets and warm clothes but if u are travelling during summer you have to carry a light weight jacket along with the pant to get around with comfort in case of change of weather.
  • 14. Is it possible to alternate or change the day trips ?
    We customize the trip according to your preference but if you need to change plan during the trip, consult the guide.
  • 15. Are we sure to get room while in trip ?
    We contact the hotels owner for reservation of the room before we start our trip.
  • 16. Are your guides reliable and certified ?
    Our Guides are expert with license from Nepal Tourism Board. Guides know the route like back of their hand and use their expertise in ensuring your safety.
  • 17. How can I charge my electronics during the trip ?
    You can charge your electronics in the hotel where you stay and spend your nights by paying minimum amount.
  • 18. Is there any communication while we are on trip ?
    Yes, you will get telephone service which is available in the hotel you will be staying at. In case of emergency, you can also ask your guide for his/her help.
  • 19. Can I add extra days to my scheduled trip ?
    If you like to spend more time in certain places, you will need to inform the guide in advance and the guide will let the company know. Adding a day to tour can result in many changes in other arrangements such as transportation, guide’s schedule, hotel bookings and all. So, we really do not recommend this to our clients unless there is an emergency case. But it is true that those changes could be made but it will cost extra. The best way to do it is to inform the agent company about it.
  • 20. What immunizations will I need ?
    Before coming to Nepal, make sure you are covered for diphtheria & TB, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, malaria, typhoid, polio and tetanus. Make sure you are in best shape to complete the tour without any complication.
  • 21. How will my booking be processed ?
    To confirm your booking, a deposit of 15% of total trip amount is required if you are booking at least a year in advance before trip departure date. If booking is made between 100-364 days before the trip departure, you'll need to pay 20% to confirm the trip. If payment is made between 99-60 days, 25% of the total trip amount will need to be paid and if booked between 59-30 days, 50% of the total trip amount needs to be paid and finally, if you are booking 29 days prior to trip departure, then 100% payment should be made. The payments can be easily made by the bank transfer. The due balance is payable on arrival in Kathmandu with cash (preferably USD/EURO) or card on POS/credit card machine. Please note that non refundable fee is 10% or $200 whichever is greater.
  • 22. Can we use the credit card during the trip ?
    Yes, you can use the credit card during the hiking. But make sure you withdraw few amount in case of emergency.

Optional Activities


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Paragliding close

Flying up above the sky is the dream of most of us. Paragliding, one of the most exciting and mind-blowing activities that take you towards the height and make you feel like a bird. Paragliding in Pokhara presents the splendid views of nature from up above. It is also known as a free-flying and foot-launched aircraft in which Pilot sits in a harness suspended below a fabric wing, whose shape is formed by the pressure of air entering vents in the front of the wing. 

Mountain Flight

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Mountain Flight close

Taking a mountain flight is one of the most exhilarating things you can do in Nepal. You can experience the beauty of those gigantic Himalayas within a minute through a mountain fight. Nepal is famous for the presence of an enormous number of mountain ranges and many visitors come to Nepal to conquer those vast mountains.


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Ultra-light close

Nepal is not only the trekker’s destination but also a destination for an adventure lover. Ultra-light flight is one of the best things you can do in Nepal. Where you can take a peek of magnificent snow-capped Himalayas, Kathmandu and Pokhara city. The choice of Pokhara Valley for ultra-light aircraft is appropriate because Pokhara is known for its extensive beauty. Without a trip to Pokhara, your Nepal tour is incomplete because the beautiful nature, green forest, and lakes are worth to take a glance of.  


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Skydiving close

Sky diving is an amazing blend of elegance and excitement that can be performed in Nepal. It is a dive from high above the peak, right into the vast mountains to experience the adventure and thrill. Skydiving is an extreme sport which provides the best thrilling experience.

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